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What Are Tenant Protection Plans?

Tenant Protection Plans allow you to offer your tenants a reliable and affordable way to protect their stored goods against a variety of potential damage. Protection plans offer advantages such as no deductible, protection of commercial and personal goods, and shared earnings with your facility.

Protection plans help your tenants store with confidence by protecting your tenants’ belongings against; Fire, smoke damage, lightning, water damage (excluding flood), hail, earthquake, explosion, wind damage, theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit, riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious damage, vandalism, subsidence, building collapse, sinkhole collapse, falling objects, weight of snow, ice or sleet, impact by vehicles of aircraft, moth, insect, rodent or vermin damage covered up to $500.

Tenant Protection Plan Advantages For You

  • Earn Profit For Your Facility
  • Reduce Liability As A Facility Owner
  • Available In All 50 States
  • No State Insurance Licensing Required
  • No State Licensing Fees
  • Compatible With Your Easy Storage Management Software
  • Easy Online Claims Process For Your Tenants: Click Here
  • Backed By Easy Storage’s Dedicated Support Team
  • Add Value To Your Business
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Many facilities are seeing up to 60% of their tenants enrolling in a tenant protection plan.

How It Works

You offer the following protection plan options to your tenants:

Protection Plan Fee Coverage Amount
$9 = $2,000
$14 = $5,000
$28 = $10,000
$35 = $15,000

When a tenant signs up for one of the above plans, you earn a percentage of the monthly protection plan fee and the remaining amount goes to pay for the protection of the tenants’ belongings. Facility owners typically earn 30% of the monthly protection plan fee.


If 25 tenants sign up for a protection plan at $9 per month. At a 30% split you would earn $2.70 X 25 = $67.50 extra per month or $810 per year.

If 50 tenants sign up for a protection plan at $9 per month. At a 30% split you would earn $2.70 X 50 = $135 per month or $1,620 per year.

If 100 tenants sign up for a protection plan at $9 per month. At a 30% split you would earn $2.70 X 100 = $270 per month or $3,240 per year.

Claims Process

The claims process is easy for you and your tenant. Easy Storage has an online claims portal where the tenant can file and manage the claims process.


Go to Click Here and file the claim online.


Once the claim has been submitted to the claims adjuster (WK Webster), they will work with the tenant, facility owner, and Easy Storage to get all of the necessary information on the claim so the tenant can get paid.


The Tenant Gets Paid!

Notice: Easy Storage Solutions’ Tenant Protection Program is not an insurance policy and the facility Owner is not an insurance company. The Owner shall perform the obligation described in the Easy Storage Tenant Protection addendum. The Owner assumes this business risk on his/her own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant Protection is a reliable and affordable way for your tenants to protect their stored goods against a variety of potential damages.
No, Tenant Protection is not insurance and there is no state licensing required. Tenant Protection is an agreement between you and your customers. Easy Storage Solutions administers and financially backs the Protection Plans.
Tenants may purchase a Tenant Protection Plan directly during the initial online rental process, or they may be enrolled by you or your representatives in the Easy Storage Solutions software. Tenants can add Tenant Protection by logging in to their online accounts, as well.
Offering Tenant Protection doesn’t alter your facility’s liability policy. Easy Storage Solutions administers and financially backs these Protection Plans.
If something happens and tenants don’t have coverage, they may still demand reimbursement. Although you likely have no liability per your lease agreement, this is still a headache. Having coverage gives tenants a way to get reimbursement, thus leaving you with a happy tenant and your business safe from a scathing review.
Yes, you keep 30% of the monthly plan fees your tenants pay as extra revenue.
When a tenant files a claim, they will be required to fill out a claims report. There is a section that requires a statement from the facility owner. You may also need to provide video surveillance of any event related to the claim if you have cameras at your facility.

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