Video Series Episode 4 - Managing Your Facility Efficiently

By Christian Thurgood

In the third video of our series, Christian Thurgood of the Easy Storage Solutions call management center, discusses the elements of call management services that will help you get more rentals. He also discusses how this service can help you keep costs down, and provide amazing customer service!

Handling Phone Calls

Hiring a full time or part-time manager can be extremely expensive, especially for operators just getting into the self storage industry. Call management services can help keep the cost down for your facility while still providing great customer service. The truth is that about 40% of phone calls to a storage facility are missed. Of those calls only about half of the people leave a voicemail since they more than likely need a unit right away. Using a management service that can not only answer the phone, but also secure rentals and take payments will help you turn those missed calls into sales.

Not Just Any “Call Center”

Not all call management centers are created equal. The most beneficial type of center won’t just answer calls. It will provide top notch customer service to your tenants. A few questions that you should ask when looking into a call service center include the following

  • Will your management center integrate with your management software?
  • Does your management center accept payment and process rentals?
  • Where are the calls going? Are they sourced locally or overseas?
  • Who provides the best value? (Not just the cheapest price, but the best service as well)
  • What time zone is the call center in and what hours are calls taken?


Finding a good call management center that provides value to both you and your customers will be a key component to growing your self storage facility. When choosing your call management service, make sure to pick one that helps you efficiently and effectively manage your business!

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