Managing Online Reviews

The purpose of our Self Storage Software is to make your life, as the manager of a storage facility, easier. It is also meant to help you be able to focus on the really important things, like keeping your tenants happy and satisfied. One way to do that is to manage your online reviews. We’ve come up with a foolproof system of managing those reviews to keep your facility, you, and your customers happy.  

Online Review Do’s  
  • Claim, or create your listings on Yelp and Google, you can then opt to receive emails whenever you get a new review.
  • Respond to a complaint with the customer’s perspective in mind. Address whatever the problem is and attempt to make it right. If you are unable to make things right over a comment, give the complainant your email address or phone number so they can contact you directly.
  • Take the time to thank positive reviews. Show the customers you appreciate their business and willingness to say kind words about your facility.
    Online Review Don’ts  
  • There will always be negativity out there, so don’t let negative reviews get you down. The worst thing you can do is become defensive, when you really should just take a deep breathe, and figure out how to make their experience better.
  • After an issue has been resolved, don’t ask the customer to remove the review. Instead, comment on the review, thanking the customer for taking the time to resolve the issue with you. If you ask them to take it down, they will think you care more about bad publicity than making things right.

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