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Is your storage facility prepared for the “mobilegeddon?” April 21 has been dubbed this name because it’s the day the Google will begin to treat websites that aren’t mobile-friendly differently than those that are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

  Along with providing you the best self storage software, we also want to help keep you up to date with the best information to help your storage facility succeed online. Take a look at the following information to see how you can prepare your storage facility for the “mobilegeddon.”

  More than 60% of internet searches are done on mobile devices, so that is a huge chunk of your potential tenants that are searching for you on their phones or tablets. Google’s #1 priority is to make sure their users have a positive experience, so making sure that you your website is mobile-friendly is essential.

  Many storage facilities that were not prepared for Google’s updates last year lost market share, and they are predicting this update to effect even more companies. To make sure your business isn’t interrupted by this update, take a look at these following tips:  
  • Contact your website provider for advice.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, or responsive.
  • Check each page on your website to make sure it shows up and is readable on mobile devices. In some cases, some pages might need to be redesigned.
  Along with giving you the best self storage software, we can help you make these changes to avoid becoming a victim of “mobilegeddon.” Contact us today to see how we can help!

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