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In the Self-Storage business, a website is essential to generating leads. Internet goers these days want instant access to information. How quickly can you be found on the Internet? When a potential customer types into the search engine, “Self Storage Facilities” do you show up at the top of the list? If not, your website is not “optimized.”

This short blog post will help you understand a little better what you can do to optimize your website in order to be found easier on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessity to rank high on any search engine. SEO ensures that your facility will be found when people are shopping for a storage unit.

When people use the search engines to find specific things, they type in specific keywords. For example, “Storage Facility Software.” Websites, blogs, and any other content that has this specific keyword in it will be pulled up in the results.

So the first step you need to take is figure out what keywords people are using to find you. Then you will use those keywords to optimize your website. The algorithm Google uses is constantly changing, and if you optimize in the wrong way, it could hurt you instead of help.

Unless you are trained in SEO, your best bet would be to hire a marketing company that specializes in SEO.

Combine SEO with social media efforts and you’ve got some great marketing going on. Social media allows you to form a relationship with your local community. The more you and your tenants engage with one another on social media, the better it will influence your website’s ranks in search engines.

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