Why It's Important to Have a Mobile Optimized Site

By Alyssa Browning

Why It's Important to Have a Mobile Optimized Site

In today’s world everyone- or nearly everyone- uses a mobile device. But, did you know that, according to Forbes magazine, 57% of all internet traffic come from mobile sites (DeMers, J., 2018)? That’s why it is so important to ensure your site is optimized for mobile sites. Without further delay, here are 4 reasons that a mobile optimized website will make your business more effective!

  1. Improved user experience. At the end of the day our tenants drive the industry. So, with today’s decreasing attention span, and increasing need for immediate gratification, it’s important to make the rental process easy. Making your website responsive to mobile devices does just that. Optimization takes into account the smaller screen size (and other factors), and changes the size of buttons and links to suit the difference.
  2. Better Conversion Rate. When the user experience is better you’ll be able to get more conversions. Because the buttons and links are easier to click on, your call to actions (CTAs) work better. For example, imagine you were on a website that was not mobile responsive and for whatever reason you can’t click on the link for more information. Now, imagine that you are on a site that is responsive and the link is easily available and you get exactly what you need to make a decision. Which company would you go with?
  3. Quicker Load Time. Mobile responsiveness also means that your site will load more quickly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This helps with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also helps increase the average time people spend on your site. People like to see a web page load instantaneously so they can get the information they need. If your site takes too long to load people will leave and find somewhere else to rent a unit.
  4. Better Google Rankings (SEO). Google takes into account whether or not your site is mobile responsive, because Google is all about improving the user experience (see #1). That being said, if your site fits Google’s criteria you will be able to rank better and get more organic traffic! That means more rentals for your self-storage facility. (For more on SEO & Online Marketing, click here.)

In conclusion, more than a quarter of the worlds internet searches are done through a mobile device, making it increasingly more important to make your site mobile responsive. Remember though, if you are an Easy Storage Solutions client then your self-storage management software already comes with a mobile responsive website!

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