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Marketing Your Storage Facility - Self Storage Marketing Tips

So there is a common question being asked among nearly every self storage facility out there: How Can I Get More Tenants?

Everyone needs more tenants! Nobody is satisfied when only 70% of their facility full and most storage facilities operate below 50% occupancy. So we know the need is there, but now how can we solve this problem? There is a very simple answer, increase your online visibility!

Having an online presence is vital if your business is going to succeed in today's market. In fact, studies show that 94% of consumers search online before making a purchase of a product or service. Another statistic shows that 90% of online users don’t even search past the 1st page! That’s bad news if your site is on page 2 of Google or possibly even lower!

So I guess the real question that we want to answer is: how do you get your website ranking higher on Google?

That's Where Easy Storage Solutions Comes In

We analyzed our current services and wanted to figure out an easy way to help our clients become more successful. With that in mind, we created a new branch of our company called Velocity Marketing . Velocity Marketing is a full service online marketing company created exclusively for our storage facility clients.

To get more website traffic and to get your site ranked higher on Google, we utilize a balanced and customized SEO Marketing Strategy designed for your storage business. This combines different online marketing strategies including SEO, keyword research, meta descriptions, content optimization, social media management, video marketing, Google Adwords, and many other local SEO and marketing techniques. 

One thing we are sure of, Our SEO strategy will get you results! The Best thing about our services is that while you focus your time on managing your business, we are hard at work taking care of all the marketing and SEO work to help get your site ranked. Then we send you monthly detailed reports so you can see the direct results of our marketing efforts.


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