Marketing Your Self-Storage Facility

Your storage facility is awesome, filled with high quality units and affordable prices. But if potential clients don’t know about your facility, it doesn’t matter how great your storage units are.

Easy Storage Solutions has come up with a list of ways to market your storage facility so that potential clients will know why yours is the best.

Learn from your environment. Take time to gather first hand knowledge about competing facilities and about the surrounding environment. Compare and contrast your facilities features versus the competition. Make notes about features that might have to be updated in the near future.

Be connected with the community. Get to know the type of people you are marketing your facility to. Relationship-building activities with different members and groups of the community can lead to mutually beneficial marketing agreements.

Get online. In today’s society, businesses are moving to the web for everything. If you do not have a website, have a professional design one for you. Keep the site simple; allow visitors to access important information like unit sizes and prices, and how to contact you.

Track your results. Marketing is a learning experience. You need to have procedures in place to record the effectiveness of each campaign. Always allow feedback from tenants, ask them how they found out about your facility.

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