What's the Best Way to Manage a Self Storage Facility

By Mike Wagner with The Storage Rebellion

I've never utilized a full time manager and quite frankly, I think most properties that do are wasting money. One of the key components of maximizing the profits (and value) of a self storage facility is controlling expenses. You want to spend enough on management to properly serve your customers but not so much that you have to raise rental rates or eat into your profits. I've learned that properties can be run with far less on site management than I ever would have guessed. Here's how that played out. When I bought my first facility, I basically did everything myself. I swept out garages, answered the phone, moved people in and out, took payments. If it had to be done, I was the one to do it. I worked IN my business everyday instead of working ON my business. For a long time, almost 18 months, I justified doing these $10-15 per hour jobs by saying things like “It Doesn't hurt enough, to hire it out.” and “It's a small price to pay for not having a boss!” I also had a limiting belief that I either had to do it myself or hire an employee. I never even considered that there might be a 3rd, better option. Thankfully I had (and still have) two really good coaches who kicked me in the head and forced me to go out and find that 3rd and better option. Because of this, I now have got an AWESOME company that handles all of the day to day storage stuff for me. Easy Storage Solutions has been instrumental in the management of my storage facilities. They take the calls, they move people in and out, they take payments. They have an online portal that allows customers to rent and pay for a storage units right online without ever having to see my ugly face...and they do so for far less than you would ever guess. It's freaking awesome and makes investing in self storage so much more approachable for folks who might have plates that are already pretty full. If you haven't already played with the ESS Demo, I highly recommend that you do so: Here's a link:


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