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In 2008, two friends, Ken Hendrickson and Jimmy Sorenson were trying to make ends meet to pay for college. To get by, each summer Ken and Jimmy would knock on doors to sell various services such as pest control and home security systems. One summer, Ken needed a place to put his family's belongings as he traveled to sell. He called various storage facilities and had a hard time getting through to owners/managers to check rates and availability. The "simple" process of finding all the information to rent a storage unit was not so simple.

After Ken got the information he needed, the process that followed was inconvenient as he needed to meet up with the facility owner to sign the agreement and make a payment. There had to be an easier way!! Ken and Jimmy then decided to build a software for the storage facility owner so that he/she had the necessary tools such as a website that easily displayed all the information of the units, locations, sizes, etc. With these tools, potential renters could then rent units, make a payment, and sign the agreement all online without ever meeting with the owner/manager of the facility.

After being in the self-storage industry from 2008-2013, Ken and Jimmy decided to really "dive" in and they purchased their first facility in 2014. Being owners has helped them to see the storage industry through a different perspective and has helped them create solutions that help both the owner and the tenant. Hence the "catch phrase" Easy Storage is the "Only Affordable Software Built by Storage Owners, for Storage Owners”

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